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When it comes to Mike Campbell, no one should jump to conclusions

 When I first saw the jailhouse mug shot of former Whitley County High School Athletic Director Mike Campbell, I was saddened.

Dishonest 911 Board vote should be reversed

In my opinion, the Whitley County 911 Board made a rather lame attempt at trying to rewrite history at its January meeting.

Let me explain.

Final Score: London 1,634 - Corbin 0

To the Editor:

In the past two weeks some very good news has arrived on the job front – for our neighbors in London – with announcements from both General Dynamics and Serco bringing an additional 1,000 and 634 jobs respectively to Laurel County.

Let's roll with proposed changes to downtown Corbin

I think great downtown areas in some of the most attractive cities I’ve visited are a lot like artwork.

Letters to the Editor 2-29-12

Jailer says criticism of camera system purchase was unfair

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the article titled “Fiscal Court members upset over the lack of bids for new camera system,” printed in the Feb. 22 edition of the News Journal.

Alcohol vote really all about just how free you want to be

My philosophy is simple.

To the greatest extent possible, I want freedom.

I don’t think that’s a radical notion. I believe most people everywhere want that.

Letters to the Editor for 2-8-2012

To the Editor:

As a member of the Corbin business community I would like to address a misconception that little or no investments in our community came as a result of the “moist initiative,” approved by voters in 2003, which is currently held by some individuals who are planning to vote against this opportunity Feb. 14 for us to move forward in our efforts to attract more business and larger industries to our community.

A tale of two boards and their hiring practices

I’ve followed with much interest the recent hiring process in Lexington for a new superintendent to lead the Fayette County School System.

Let's make a deal! Tourism should match fundraising efforts by Sander's Park organizers

Let’s make a Deal! The Friends of the Col. Sanders group which is attempting to raise money to fund the Secret Recipe Garden on Main Street in downtown Corbin has asked the Corbin Tourism Commission  to donate $90,000 over a three year period to help finance the project.