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Jones - Leach Wed

Bena Mae Seivers: House Wine of the South

My family has been making iced tea this way since the time of Noah.

Bena Mae's Kitchen: What has happened to customer service?

It has become a nightmare for consumers. Especially if you have to deal with a call center that is located somewhere in India or Indonesia where they speak to you in broken English.

Bena Mae's Kitchen: The Wish Book

Including the Bible, it was the most pored over, devoured, widely read book in our house when I was growing up.

Bena Mae's Kitchen: Fried Apple Pies

There’s nothing that speaks more of fall than Fried Apple Pies.

Bena Mae's Kitchen: Human nature is funny

Here are some examples I’m guilty of:

Birkholz - Feltner to wed

Laura Birkholz and Eric Feltner will be joined in marriage on Saturday, August 30 at the Greenland Baptist Church in Corbin at 3 p.m.