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Investigation determines local attorney was murdered

 The investigation into the shooting death of local attorney Larry Gilliam has resulted in his wife, Lisa Gilliam being indicted for murder.

According to London Police Chief Stewart Walker, the results of the investigation were presented to a Laurel County Grand Jury on March 14. Friday, the grand jury indicted Lisa Gilliam on one count of murder.

Police were called to Larry Gilliam’s office at 129 East 4th Street in London on the afternoon of Jan. 7 in response to complaint of a shooting.

Larry Gilliam had been shot one time in the chest. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in London where he died.

“Mr Larry Gilliam and his wife, Lisa Gilliam were the only two people present when the shooting occurred,” Walker stated.

The Laurel County Major Crimes Task Force began an investigation to determine whether the cause of death was murder or suicide.

Walker emphasized that a grand jury indictment does not imply an individual is guilty, but that there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.


Lost In The Woods (March 19, 2011) Reply

Boo-ya! One less lawyer! I say give her a medal not send her to prison.

mike (March 19, 2011) Reply

Wow, what is wrong with you? Have you considered some of his family members might read this? Have you no consideration for others? If you feel cold and heartless enough to think this man deserved to have his life taken away, then please keep it to yourself.

s (March 20, 2011) Reply

to (lost in the woods) go back in the woods ,you got a problem

Trololol (March 20, 2011) Reply

Yeah, woods. . .how is YOUR coldness regard for humanity different than that of the lawyers you seem to hate?

Trololol (March 20, 2011) Reply

Yeah, woods. . .how is YOUR cold and heartless regard for humanity different than that of the lawyers you seem to hate?

VikingGirl (March 20, 2011) Reply

To lost in the woods how would you feel it if someone said that about your family member? You know this person probably has family that is reading this and I am sure they really loved your comment. Have a heart. So what if you don't like lawyers at least keep that kind of talk to yourself.

girl friday (March 21, 2011) Reply

Everyone hate's Lawyers until they need one

Curious (March 22, 2011) Reply

I am shocked that an indictment was brought with no gun residue on either hand (someone lost evidence) A partial print on trigger, partial prints can be matched all the time. And basically no other evidence was there but the needed evidence to prove suicide was lost?????????

Sunshine (March 26, 2011) Reply

Oh Man. what is this world coming to? How cold & heartless can people be? I'm a firm believer that some opinion's are better off kept to one's self....As far as Attorney's ,Police Officer's.......( Black Affrican American's ) Got a problem with these people? Go tell God that he messed up did a bad Job, when he created these people in their Mother's womb.... How do you think your Mother would feel if you were one of these PEOPLE.? (GET IT ? GOD'S PEOPLE...)

Medical examiner (April 26, 2011) Reply

The medical examiner in Kentucky ruled it suicide? The medical examiner in Kentucky with all their knowledge ruled suicide. NOT MURDER?

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