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Letters to the Editor for 10-21-09

To the Editor:

The City of Corbin wishes to acknowledge and thank the Corbin Tourism Commission on behalf of the citizens of Corbin, the Board of Commissioners and myself for their cooperation, fine work and many endeavors they have rendered to the City of Corbin.
Most citizens are not aware of what an important part the Corbin Tourism Commission members and their employees are to this area. Additionally, the donations contributing to the beautifying of downtown Corbin with the banners, flowers and the street lighting would not be possible without their help this past three years. They certainly have added greatly to the pleasure of driving downtown.
Rarely a city experiences the quality that their involvement brings to Corbin.

Willard McBurney
Mayor, City of Corbin

To the Editor:

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults in the U.S.  Here in Kentucky, statistics from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet show that drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were involved in more than 26,000 collisions in 2008, resulting in 141 fatalities. Seventy-percent of those killed were teenagers. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 16-year-old drivers are more than twice as likely to be involved in fatal crashes as older drivers. 
As we observe National Teen Driver Safety Week October 18-24, I ask that you join me in encouraging teens to drive more safely.  Observed annually during the third week in October, National Teen Driver Safety Week is a time to bring teens, parents, educators, legislators and other community leaders together to help prevent teen crashes, injuries and fatalities.
Vehicle crashes killed more than 7,300 youth nationwide in 2007. There are several factors that contribute to these troubling statistics. Driver error and or speeding are the leading causes of teen driver crashes. Additionally, the use of cell phones, texting, food and beverage consumption and loud music are also key components in teen vehicle crashes. In fact, a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that driver distraction contributes to 25% of all police-reported traffic crashes.
By encouraging teenage drivers to adopt safe driving habits, manage peer-to-peer interactions while in a vehicle and reinforcing the need to detect and react to hazards more appropriately, they will be better prepared to drive responsibly. We must reinforce the idea that once a vehicle is in motion, the driver must devote his or her full attention to the task at hand, which is operating the vehicle safely.
The hundreds of young lives lost on Kentucky highways, and thousands nationwide, represent far more than just statistics. These are sons and daughters and brothers and sisters whose families will never again cheer their loved ones on from the sidelines of a sporting event or experience the pride and joy of watching them walk across the stage at graduation.
Please take this opportunity to talk to your teens about safe driving habits. No family should have to incur the heartache that so many families across the country feel every year. 

Jack Conway
Kentucky Attorney General

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to send a big hello to you from Rhode Island. I am a seventh grade student going to school at Goff Junior High. For the past week in geography we have been working on an oral report on a certain U.S. state. I chose to do my report on your state, Kentucky.
Could you please publish this letter in your paper so that your readers could help me on my project? My teacher told us that first-hand information would be much more helpful than information we gathered in books and off the Internet. If your readers could send me information, pictures or even tourist information it would help me so much with this project. They can send me the information right here to my school. Thank you for your help with my report and project.

Kharessa Zangevim
Student at Goff Junior High School
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Corrospondence to this student should be sent to:
Mr. Brian Gilmore
Goff Junior High School
Seventh Grade Geography class
974 Newport Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02861

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