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1938 All-Star Team remembered

 The summer of 1938 was tumultuous with the country being in the throes of the great depression and the winds of war were swirling wildly in Europe.

In Corbin that summer an all-star team was assembled from a local softball league. My good friend Paul Jones was a sixteen-year-old member of that team. As I looked at a picture of that team, and spoke with Paul of each of the players, many of the names were familiar to me as I have had always had a strong interest in Corbin sports history and the names I heard played a large part in that history.

Names like Wes Taylor and Rusty Peace, names like Wid and Chet Ellison, Cam Jones, Ed and Joe Clouse, Wimpy Gant and Clarence “Lefty” Chadwell and Ben Gordon.

Baker Reasor and Mac Moore played roles on the team and of course, the most prominent in Corbin sports history Ted Meadors.

As Paul and I discussed that great team he shared with me some of the human interest aspects, such as Joe Clouse, who was a paratrooper in World War II, who lost his life in the Normandy invasion a few years later. Paul was a Navy Pilot at that time.

Clarence “Lefty” Chadwell was as good of a center fielder as ever played in the area. Wes Taylor, Rusty Peace, the Ellison brothers, Wid and Chet, were all Redhound athletes who were known statewide.

Ted Meadors was an All-American at Centre College and Cam Jones and Wimpy Gant were also outstanding Redhounds.

Wimpy Gant was the brother of another Redhound fan, Harold Gant. Harold is under the weather a bit and we need to keep him in our prayers at this time.

My favorite player on that tremendous softball team of 1938, is the little guy in the front row, Paul Jones, who has the heart to get in there and hang with an older bunch of guys and perform with them.

Paul is the biggest baseball fan and biggest Cincinnati Reds fan I know. Heaven help him.


Hounds come out firing

The Corbin Redhound basketball team came out firing their first two games behind Madison Johnson and Isaac Wilson beating Bell County and Lexington Sayre handily but will receive a test Tuesday night at Clay County.

White’s Pro Billiards, where I hang out most of the time seems to be where all the Redhounds of the past show up when they come to town now that the Dixie Restaurant has closed.

This past week it was great to see David Miller, as he was in to see his sister who is experiencing some health issues. David was a running back on the ’55 state championship team and went on to play for Western Kentucky. David was a buddy with his old teammate, Gail Phillips and they still stay in touch.

Miller was always respected by his teammates as a player with a high football IQ.


‘Cats on a roll

The Kentucky Wildcats of Coach John Calipari won a big game Saturday, beating a very good North Carolina team, 68-66. The Tar Heels indicated they felt they would have won the game had it gone a few minutes longer.

I think they were very fortunate John Wall suffered from leg cramps and had to sit out much of the second half.

Their memory of a 28-2 run ignited by Wall seems to have escaped them. The Tar heels indicated they would look forward to meeting the ‘Cats again. If that were to happen it would have to be in March when the now young ‘Cats will in all likelihood be at their best.


Good ole Ky boys

I was looking at a football program from the 1953 Kentucky vs. Rice football game. The coach for UK that year was a young man named Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Kentucky’s roster was made up of 46 players with 33 of them being native Kentuckians and not one player from the state of Georgia. Coach Bryant was coming off three bowl games, not the Music City Bowl, but the Cotton Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl. Maybe, Kentucky kids can play football.



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Barry Brooks (December 25, 2009) Reply

I wanted to thank Bill Crook for such a fantastic memory or file cabinet or something that lets him remember all of these great stories about Corbin, Corbin Redhounds past and present. He has really given lots of us "former Redhounds" many trips down memory lane. Barry Brooks

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