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EXTRA CONTENT: Corbin Police give response breakdown for 2009

Read the complete breakdown of calls made to Corbin PD by clicking here.

Corbin Police stay busy while on duty but aren’t overwhelmed. That is how Chief David Campbell summed up the efforts of his 22 officers and eight dispatchers in responding to the 18,441 calls the department received in 2009.

Traffic stops and boat ramp checks accounted for 6701 of the calls. Alarms were the third most common call, totaling 669 calls. The breakdown indicates 84 concerned violent crimes including murder, rape, child abuse, robbery assault and sexual molestation. That is less than one-half percent of the number of calls.

“It shows Corbin is a safe place,” Campbell said. “We don’t have the problems some other, bigger cities have. I don’t know if you would say they haven’t caught up with Corbin or Corbin hasn’t caught up with them.”

Campbell said police departments across the country average about 3 officers per thousand residents. Corbin is slightly below that average at 2.5 officers per thousand residents with four officers on duty per shift.

Campbell said he would like to add two more officers to the roster but can’t do so in 2010 because of budget constraints. However, he is confident the existing force is up to the task.

“The department is doing a great job,” Campbell said. “We haven’t had any discipline problems. I told them to just keep doing what you are doing.”


John Val John (January 06, 2010) Reply

Finally after over 100 years of corruption, no leadership, limited budget, looking the other way, nepotism, and eye witness to abuse of prisoners and blatant civil rights violations. The Corbin (metro) Police have a competent, well educated, experienced and strong leader as the Chief of Police. Chief David Campbell has already weeded out nearly all of the hold outs from the Carson Mullins era. The Asst Chief Bruce Rains is also a good man and very honest, what he lacks in administrative abilities he makes up for by being firm, fair and impartial in dealing with subordinate officers and the public as well. Chief Campbell and Asst Chief Rains will no doubt maintain the departments assets and continue to run a highly professional Police Department.

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