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Corbin alcohol public forum scheduled for March 16

An informational forum about what Corbin's recent 'wet' vote will mean for the city is planned for Friday, March 16 at 5:00 p.m., and officials say everyone is invited to attend and ask questions.

Bruce Carpenter, Director of the Corbin Economic Development Agency, said officials from the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Board will be on hand in the city during the forum. ABC General Counsel Steve Humphress will answer any questions community members may have about new rules governing the sale of alcohol in the city. The meeting will be held at city hall in the second floor meeting room.

"It's an informational sort of thing," Carpenter said. "They said if we were successful with the vote, then they would come down to meet with the community to address any questions anyone has."

"I know there are quite a few people out there with inquiries as far as the application process for licenses and things like that, so hopefully this will help spell things out more clearly."

Corbin voters approved a ballot initiative on Feb. 14 that cast aside most restrictions on alcohol sales left over by prohibition. The measure will allow for the regulated sale of packaged liquor in the city, and also paves the way for loosening mandates on restaurants that sell alcohol by the drink.

Officials say it appears three licenses for package stores will be allowed by the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for the city. The number of licenses allowed is based on population.

Those interested will submit applications for a license to Col. Bruce Rains, a city police officer who also serves as the town's Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator. Rains has the option to cull out any applicants who are unqualified. The remaining applications are then sent to the Danny Reed, the state's Distilled Spirits Administrator and one of three members of the Kentucky ABC Board. Reed, in consultation with local officials, will then decide who is awarded the licenses.

An unlimited number of qualifying stores will be able to get licenses to sell beer.

Jockeying for the three package liquor store licenses has already begun. According to state law, results of the vote won't take effect until April 13 because of a mandatory 60-day waiting period. The city's five-member Board of Commissioners is expected to approve, in the near future, an ordinance that will set the ground rules for how liquor sales will be handled in the city. Officials say it will be based off of similar ordinances in Danville and Lancaster.

Corbin Building Inspector Frank Burke said he's already reviewed numerous plans for renovation work on several buildings in the city for package store locations. Work is already underway in at least two of the places, he added.

"It's awful early to be doing that, but people want to get a jump on it and be ready when they apply for a license," Burke said. "There're some good locations out there."

Carpenter said he hopes the informational forum will help those who plan to apply for licenses to understand the process a little better. Presumably, applications for liquor licenses will be accepted after on or just after April 13.

"They are going to spell out exactly what licenses we would have available here and just a lot of other general information," Carpenter said.

While competition for package store licenses is proving to be fierce, an unlimited number of beer licenses can be issued for grocery stores and quick marts that want to sell alcohol.



kip sears (March 13, 2012) Reply

Why are people working on locations if they don't already know if they will get a licence THINK THEY ALREADY KNOW?

piliacuufaltY (October 22, 2012) Reply

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