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First license to serve alcohol in W'burg will be issued in December

Sometime next month, Williamsburg's Hong Kong Buffet should get the go ahead to begin serving alcohol.

In the Oct. 17 edition of the News Journal, Hong Kong Buffet Inc. ran an advertisement announcing its intention to apply for a license to sell alcohol by the drink.

Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison, who also serves as the city's Alcohol Beverage Control Administrator, approved the local part of the alcohol license in late October.

"It is in the hands of the state board right now. It is at the Alcohol Beverage Control Office in Frankfort," he said.
The state usually takes 30 to 60 days to act, so by the end of the year, the restaurant should get the go ahead to start serving alcohol, Harrison said.

"They will get their OK from the state. They will come back and bring that to us and we will give them a city certification, which will be immediately," Harrison said. "Upon them getting the OK from the state, they can start serving."

In May, nearly 1,200 Williamsburg residents went to the polls and by a 14-vote margin approved the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink in restaurants that seat at least 100 people and derive at least 70 percent of their profits from the sale of food.

Hong Kong Buffet would be the first restaurant in Williamsburg to serve alcohol.

Once the restaurant receives its license, it will be able to sell alcohol from 6 a.m. - midnight Monday - Saturday, and from 2 p.m. - midnight on Sunday.

Harrison said he has gotten a couple of other inquiries about alcohol recently.

"There are a few things out there in the works right now," he said. "I have talked to one restaurant owner and hopefully he is going to come see me in the next couple of weeks."

Harrison said that he's not sure if the economy is holding people back, or if they want to see how it will work out with the first restaurant serving alcohol.

Harrison noted that it was close to one year after Corbin passed its alcohol by the drink ordinance before local restaurants started serving alcohol. It was even longer before Applebee's opened.

"I think we are about on schedule with everything," Harrison said. "I know we have one other restaurant that has been wanting to, but we just have to get the required number of seats in that restaurant."


Tom Brown (November 29, 2012) Reply

Road kill and a drink of Liquor - just what company’s are looking for in a community,, what a Business development plan you got there Williamsburg.

Bubba (November 29, 2012) Reply

Yea heck with that right...go eat at shoneys in Corbin instead...ohh wait...closed for infestation and back taxes lol. Why is this even news...everyone else in the country can get a drink in most any restaurant...Welcome to the future where alcohol is available in restaurants and stores...ohh wait you have to drive to Corbin or Jellico to buy a drink to take normal americans do in the rest of the country... kentucky is in denial...they need to get rid of almost all the pharmacies and stop creating and feeding the prescription drug market. This state is handicapping its own residents and the only people benefiting are the doctors and pharmacies and of course the manufactures of the meds.

Good old boy (December 09, 2012) Reply

Why drive to Jellico or Corbin from Williamsburg. Just take Hwy 204 out of Williamsburg cross the Cumberland river make your first right turn on State Road State Hwy 895 both bars are on your right. If you have a problem finding them just call the WPD (Mr. Bird) or WCSO (Mr. Colan) they can get you to the right place. Now, they both have carry out also. Great places and cold beer. You may wish to look around to purchase other items of interest. Hours all seven days till 12:00 pm. You can also ask for George Barton's Bar or go on up the road another mile on your right in another place. They have better prices than Corbin or Jellico. Most of the time you can't get Colan so if this happens the KSP can help you find the location. Have a good time and spend your money at home.

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