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W'burg duo arrested for burglarizing church twice this month

Two Williamsburg residents are facing burglary charges after allegedly breaking into the same church twice this month.

About noon Tuesday, Williamsburg police arrested Karen L. Dople, 35, and Mark David Wyatt, 27, charging each of them with two counts of third-degree burglary, Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird said in a press release.

The duo are charged in connection with two separate burglaries that occurred on Nov. 12 and Nov. 24 at the First Deliverance Church, which is located on Hill Street in Williamsburg.

During the first burglary, thieves forced open the front door taking a Peavey amplifier, which was valued at $400. During the second burglary, thieves broke a side window in order to enter the church and took two Peavey monitor speakers, which were also valued at $400.

Bird said that witnesses spotted one of the suspects leaving the area of the church after the second burglary.

After the pair were apprehended, they gave police statements telling them where they could find the stolen items, Bird said.
Detective Bobby Freeman and Officer Jim Pool recovered the stolen property, which had been pawned at Corbin Pawn Shop for $175, Bird said.

"The property has been recovered and will be returned to the church. The case will be presented to a Whitley County Grand Jury," Bird said.

Deputy Chief Jason Caddell assisted with the investigation.


Bubba (November 29, 2012) Reply

Lucky we have all these wonderful pawn shops in corbin so thieves have enough places to sell their stolen items. I thought buying stolen property was a crime?? ohh thats right...if you have a pawn shop its ok....I dont see pawnshops or similar helping out the community anyway at all.

Renee V (December 09, 2012) Reply

Hopefully Jim lost his money on that pawn. And maybe they will finally lock up 2 of the biggest thieves in Whitley Co. Karen is a career criminal and Mark is poor white trash from N. Carolina and Williamsburg should run the whole Wyatt family out of town for good. They've gotten away with stealing now for years. Good going, Williamsburg Police Dept.

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