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Williamsburg men arrested for stealing heat pumps from church

Two Williamsburg residents allegedly stole a pair of heat pumps, which were valued at nearly $3,000 each, from a church earlier this month and then used the money to buy pills, according to a Whitley County Sheriff's Department press release.

Sheriff Colan Harrell announced late Friday afternoon that deputies had charged Anthony Anderson, 23, of 510 Reynolds Hollow, and Andy R. Rhodes, 26, of 298 Frakes Road, with theft by unlawful taking over $500 in connection to the Nov. 7 theft of two Leuxare heat pumps from Corner Stone Church, which is located along Highway 92E in the Siler community.
The two heat pumps were valued at $2,959 each.

"By admission of one of the accused, they received $58 for the items and they bought one and one-half pills with the money they received," Harrell said in a press release.

Both men were lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center.

"The Whitley County Sheriff's Department would like to thank to Kentucky State Police Trooper David Lassiter, Williamsburg Police Department Chief Wayne Bird and Detective Bobby Freeman for their assistance in the investigation," Harrell said.

Sheriff's deputies Jeff Anderson and Todd Shelley are the investigating officers.


Buddy (December 02, 2012) Reply

The person that bought the heat pumps knew they were stolen and should also be locked up!

GasMan (December 02, 2012) Reply

Maybe.........they should be investigated for all the copper theft from the gas compressor that is located right beside the Cornerstone church. That place has been hit so many times that it borders on ridiculous. It is in the same vicinity, so, it makes sense they feel secure in thieving from what they feel is a comfortable area. Good job officers!

Showme (December 03, 2012) Reply

I agree with Buddy and GasMan. Enough already and the community is thankful for some support in catching these individuals. We have folks that depend on telephones and don't or can't have cell service, and can't use it because the copper is stolen in the lines. Also, the folks that buy these materials know good and well where it comes from. It will be interesting to learn if anyone else is involved, or not and where the suspects allegedly sold the stolen units. Need to leave church houses alone, folks. Should know better. Definitely they need prayer. Enough thieving and victimizing the community.

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