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Prosecutor has harsh words for couple accused of shooting at cars with BB guns

Two Corbin residents are potentially facing several years in prison for allegedly shooting and hitting 10 moving cars with a BB gun last year.

A Whitley County Grand Jury indicted Jeffery Hamblin, 21, and Tina Spencer, 29, both of 105 11th Street apartment six, with 10 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and 10 counts of third-degree criminal mischief.

"What they did - shooting a window out of a car - certainly endangers everyone in the car in addition to damaging the car," said Commonwealth's Attorney Allen Trimble.

"It would be like me going to a playground with a BB gun and firing at kids running around playing soccer on the playground. I mean what a stupid crime."

A 15-year-old was also initially charged in connection with the incident, but the outcome of that case is not known since juvenile court records are sealed in Kentucky.

The incident happened on Sept. 10 as cars driving along Kentucky Avenue were shot with a BB gun right before school started and right after school let out, said Corbin Police Major Rob Jones.

Officers were initially unable to locate anyone in the area around 1101 Kentucky Avenue. However, Jones said an anonymous tip made to the department's anonymous tip line led them to the trio.

"Spencer has admitted to shooting the BB gun, but said she was not shooting at the cars," Jones said.

Trimble said that the duo could receive up to five years in prison on each count.

So far prosecutors don't a have a dollar figure in terms of the total damage.

"Many crimes that I deal with, you know what caused it, such as greed or if the people were on drugs or trying to get money to buy drugs, but shooting a BB gun at moving cars?" Trimble said.

"Not that any crime makes sense, but if there is one that is the most ridiculous foolish crime I run across, it is sitting and shooting the windows out of cars."


Tammy Partin (February 21, 2013) Reply

"Allen Trimble spews so much BS he's the ultimate asininestein."

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