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The state basketball tournament appeared down in '12

 The state basketball tournament just was not the same without Charley Craig in attendance.

A couple of weeks ago Charley suffered a fall and although he is recuperating quite well he was unable to make it this year.

The field seemed to be somewhat down as far as talent compared to other years. Trinity, out of Louisville, was head and shoulders above the competition. Billy Hicks coached Scott County to the finals before falling to the Shamrocks of Trinity.

We got another look at Derek Willis, the young mane making his second consecutive appearance in the Sweet 16 with Bullitt East, out of the sixth region. The 6’9” youngster is very slight of weight at 185, and although he handles the ball very well, he was not very strong or aggressive. Willis is only a junior and hopefully will work out and build his body. Willis committed to the University of Kentucky earlier this year.

The state tournament is always interesting and is attended each year by people from all around Kentucky full of enthusiasm. Don Estep and I have the same tickets each year as do the people all around us.

Everybody was critical of this year’s program book, which was downsized, but the price was the same.

The high school game is in dire need of a shot clock. Teams with the lead, start milking the clock in the third quarter. If they team has the ball with one minute and forty seconds in the quarter or more they will milk the clock for the last shot, that’s around six minutes of a game, which means nearly one quarter of the game with no play.

A 30-second clock would initiate a more aggressive game with more action. Other states have 30-second shot clocks and it works well.

There are many preparations that help prepare high school players all over the state for next year and during the summer players can transform from mediocre players to outstanding players.

The Corbin Redhounds have several kids who can benefit from summer effort. Robbie Igo, Caleb Maguet, Zach Farley, Hunter Grubb, Joey Shelton and a freshman to be, Trevor Hill. Kevin Goins, Anderson Johnson, Zach Henson and Andrew Jones need to dedicate themselves.


The Kentucky Wildcats have lived up to expectations quite well through two games to gain a birth in the Sweet 16. The way the ball is bouncing the ‘Cats could lose at anytime, but they are showing signs of winning a National Championship.

I have never seen a more balanced team. The ‘Cats could get a 20-point performance from anyone of their first seven players.

The ‘Cats biggest asset is their defense and being first to loose balls.

I have a feeling it is going to come down to Kentucky and North Carolina and if it does, I believe it will be all Kentucky.

I really like Darius Miller. I wrote at the beginning of basketball season that Miller would tend to disappear, No more, Miller can put the ‘Cats on his back in tight spots and deliver.


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