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24 targeted in State Police drug roundup

Shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday, about 30 police officers took to highways and back roads of Whitley County as part of a state police drug round-up in search of 24 suspects wanted on various charges.

Kentucky State Police Sgt. Joel Woods said that the round-up represented about six months worth of work by drug detectives in Whitley County.

"A combined effort today between the Kentucky State Police Post in London, the Williamsburg Police Department and the Whitley County Sheriff's Department has resulted somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 arrests for various trafficking in a controlled substances charges," Woods said.

"We've made these arrests as the culmination of investigations that extended back before the first of the year. We have other interests that will be around the bend, but we had some we wanted to get taken care of today to do something for the good of the people in Whitley County."

Most of the charges dealt with illegal trafficking of narcotic pills, such as Oxycodone, Roxicet and Percocet.

"Geographically, you see differences depending on what people use in different areas. In this area, primarily you are looking at prescription pill abuse. In other places you will have more meth and those type things," Woods added.

The round-up started with officers meeting at the Williamsburg Tourism and Convention Center about 9 a.m. for a briefing and by 1 p.m. 18 of the suspects had been located.

"18 out of 24 is a pretty good number. We'll let other agencies know that we have warrants for the rest of them," he added.
Woods noted that it is "very rare" officers pick up every suspect they are looking for during a round-up.

"I will give a plug to my detective. He did get a 100 percent rate on the last one we did, but he put in a lot of leg work," Woods added.

After suspects were arrested, officers brought the suspects back to the tourism center where they were processed.

Whitley County deputy jailers then transported the suspects in a van back to the detention center where they were lodged.


Betty (May 31, 2013) Reply

Give us names the next time. Please! Great job again Sheriff Colan, KSP, and WPD. Keep this up Colan and you will be in office as long as you wish. We the people now feel protected. Get these da* drug dealers behind bars and off the street.

chuck (June 01, 2013) Reply

colan is the best thing that has happened to whitley co in years..thank you sir

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